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  1. James Cogan
    James Cogan says:

    Jeremy:  Can you mail me floor plans that show room sizes and prices?

    James Cogan
    11011 N.E. 12th St. 301
    Bellevue, Wa. 98004 


    • Jeremy R Erickson
      Jeremy R Erickson says:

      Hi James, thanks for your comments.  
      Ok, here is what I am going to get you.Cypress 2180 sq ft, Silver Oak 3200 sq ft, Hemlock 1775 sq ft, Hawthorn 2650 sq ft, Mulberry 3300 sq ft.

      am I missing any?

      Also on pricing There is a lot of variables we will need to consider.

      Community (lot pricing)

      Features and luxury items (base price, or parade level amenities)

      Each house has been so different as far as features included so if I give you a price it might not make sense.  But if you give me a community, and an amenity level (like comparing it to one of our current models or past parade models) I could do that.  Still there will be changes depending on what you guys decide on when we start building.  Very cool, excited to help you out with this stuff.  Did you guys like the book?

      Jeremy E.


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