Perimeter Drain System

There are many reason why you should choose Blackstead as your next builder, but here is one reason that many people didn’t know about.  We go the extra mile to make sure that your new home can handle a little overdose of water.  This perimeter drain system is put in place to give you peace of mind that if you accidentally leave your  garden hose on, or if you accidentally overwater your lawn, you can can have a little extra help with draining that excess water and not letting it get into your crawl space.  Our homes are designed to keep water out, but if precautions are not taken, water can find its way into your crawl space.  So remember to make sure your sprinkler clocks are set to the appropriates levels.  You should be watering 3-4 times a week with stations running at 25-40 minutes per while its hot, Do Not Water Everyday!  Some might thing your helping your lawn, but you’re drowning it!. Your lawn needs that extra 3-4 days without water for it’s root system to grow and become stronger by extending the root system lower into the soil..  Each station will need to watched and adjusted as the summer goes on.  Make sure your 2′ rain gutter down spouts are intact and pointing away from your foundation.  And also, make sure there is no leaks in your flower bed drip system.  If these hoses burst, you can have some water issues very fast!  Ok, your are ready for summer!  And if you don’t have a Blackstead home yet, give us a call, we can help with that. (208) 955-7900