Parade of Homes Quiz

Ok, your bored at work, and you have some spring fever.  Its time to stretch your brain a little bit.  How much do you know about the Parade of Homes?  Take this little quiz and test your knowledge.  No worries, we won’t make fun of you if you don’t do well.  Take the quiz and we will email you the results and answers if you get them wrong.

Parade of Homes Quiz

Are you ready for the Parade of Homes? Show off your knowledge and test yourself! Take the quiz and show how Parade savvy you are.
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    How much is the entry fee, or ticket fee for the parade tour?
    How many homes are in the Parade?
    Don't cheat, please take a guess.
    Awards are given out at the Parade Ceremony. This event happens after the Tour is over.
    What time are the models available for viewing on the weekends?
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Sitka Construction Progress in Spurwing Greens Parade of Homes

The Sitka Syndrome

The Sitka is looking so good, it has put me into a trance.  I can’t stop visiting and hanging out.  Be careful when you look at the pictures it will try to lure you in and trap you.  The diagnosis from the doctors is the Sitka Syndrome.  The only cure is for someone to buy it.


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