Rivers Bend Construction Update 4-20-2015

Hi guys, check out the progress taking place in Rivers Bend!  The new models are coming along nicely.  Take a look at this video showing an aerial perspective of the construction taking place.  Also, there is a bonus towards the end, we flew over the new pedestrian bridge construction site to show the progress there too.  Take a look and tell us what you think.

Juneau on Sugar

The Juneau model that we built has been signed, sealed, and delivered.  The new homeowners are moving in.  No worries, I took some photos just before it closed, and am producing a video tour that will be available shortly.  Take a look at this Juneau, and compare it to our Parade model Juneau and tell us what you think.  Its a little different, but still the same great Juneau that thousands of you walked through during the parade.  Great news, we might have a lot available in Phase 4 so we can build another one.  But by the time most of you will get around to reading this, it might already be gone.  Please call if you are wanting to move into a Juneau, we might have a spot for you. (208) 955-7900

This Juneau is located on Sugar Tree Drive.



Bayberry Under Construction

I walked through the new Bayberry model and took a few photos of the construction progress.  I am getting so excited to see this new model, I think it will be a huge hit.  With a the price coming in at 289,900 in Spurwing Greens on a nice quiet cup-de-sac.  Also, if you peek at the photos, you can see the trusses form a 14×24 storage room above the garage. Lots of space for all your stuff!  And don’t forget the roll up garage door going out the back of the third bay.  That will be very handy for accessing the back yard.  Tell us what you think.  Email us at or call (208) 955-7900


Sitka Construction Progress in Spurwing Greens

Sitka Construction Update 3-27-2012

Checking out the Sitka today and it is looking awesome.  Stop by if your out this way and take a look, or call us for a VIP tour at (208) 955-7900 or give us an email at

Fred Meyers Summer Opening

Construction is moving along quite nicely at the corner of  U.S. 20-26 (Chinden) and Linder Road in Eagle.  It looks like the giant Store and Separate FM Fuel Station will be complete June 22nd.  When your headed out to Spurwing Greens stop by and take a look.  This store is 1.4 miles from Spurwing Greens.



Prefabricated Wall Construction

Prefabricated wall panels are factory-built units produced in an indoor environment. Builders provide the construction details of the home to the factory where the building plans are fed into a computer program that designs the wall panels for the home’s specific needs. Manufacturers are able to cut, nail and screw the units together in a quality-controlled environment that creates a stronger, more durable wall structure. Prefabricated wall panels also tend to be dimensionally more accurate since they are made with higher quality lumber from a large inventory of material the factory has its disposal.
We here at Blackstead Building Co. know that prefabricated wall panels is a smart, cost effective, green way to build.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about prefabricated wall construction.

Registered Master Builders


The Registered Master Builder is a program offered by the Idaho Building Contractors Association

As an association of home builders, we recognize the need to regulate our industry.  That is why we offer a voluntary registration program for our builder members.

Registered Master Builders are reviewed annually to meet high standards including:

  • Proven experience of building in Idaho;
  • Favorable references reviewed annually from local subcontractors, suppliers and homebuyers;
  • Favorable annual credit review;
  • Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance;
  • A written limited warranty or be in an approved insured written warranty program;