Video Tour of the Juneau Model on Levenham

Beautiful Juneau Model! 2520 Sq Ft single level Split 3 bedroom…

Juneau RV in Foxtail Revisited

Foxtail community is starting to take shape and the landscape…

Juneau Drone Footage

Check out some aerial video of the Juneau on Pira Ave.  We hope…

Higher Perspective of the Juneau

Hi guys, check out the latest photos of the Juneau, something…

Foxtail Juneau RV is Complete!

We are so excited to release the all new Juneau model located…

Surprise, We have a Juneau!

I guess it's not much of a surprise to you that follow us, we…

Juneau Video Tour SWG 6-8

The Juneau Video tour Lot 6 blk 8 in Phase 5

Portfolio Items

SWG 5-5 Juneau