Sitka, Near completion, amazing woodwork

Beams of Light

“You’re momma told me you better shop around”… for the Sitka.

I was amazed at the progress of the Sitka when I  previewed it today.  The stone is in, and the driveway is finished.  The interior is getting finished up, and you must see the beams they are amazing.  The house is so nice and bright from the amazing interior courtyard. Please call us for a special personal private tour.  Home will be locked until parade of homes starts May 5th 2012.  Call now (208) 955-7900.

Spurwing Greens Lighted Monument

Spurwing Greens Parade of Homes

Please come out and take a look at our new Hawthorn model that I previously posted in Spurwing Greens.  The floor plans is all new form the ground up and I think you will love it.  This weekend is the Fall Parade of Homes so don’t miss out, and remember that the Parade is free!  so come and and see us at Spurwing Greens and we will leave the lights on for you!
(well, not technically, but the sign light will come on automatically, but by the time the light comes on we will be gone. Disregard the “we will leave the light on for you” comment)




Fall parade home by Blackstead building co.  Hemlock model 1800 sq ft

Hemlock Fall Parade Home in Cedar Edge

I just wanted to give a big thank you to our BBC team for creating such a beautiful home.  From the excavators down to the decorators this home is amazing and you guys did a fantastic job!  We are nearing the first weekend of the Fall Parade (formally known as the Fall Collection) and the home looks great.  A few more final touches with some decorations and we will be ready for the big show.  Please put us on your schedule for this weekend, you need to come by and see this home.  The colors came together so well, and if you liked the last Hemlock you will really love this redesigned larger edition.  Soon as its completely finished with decorations, we will add the master bath, bedroom, garage and some more exterior photos.  We look forward to seeing you soon, and don’t forget to stop by this weekend.





Rod Blackstead
(208) 867-1861




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Jeremy Erickson






Hawthorn Parade in Spurwing Greens

New Hawthorn Fall Parade of Homes Model 9-20-2011

The pictures below are of the New Hawthorn Fall parade model that has been built in Spurwing Greens.  We want to encourage you to come out and take a look at it.  This model in particular has been sold but we are starting another one.  If you can’t wait until the Fall Parade starts, please give me a call and I will give you a special VIP tour through it.  Call me at (208) 867-1861 or email me at and we can set up a time to look at it together.  Soon I will have the photos taken of the entire house, and videos made so if you live out of town you will get the full treatment too.  We look forward to hearing from you.




Rod Blackstead

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