New Sitka Completed

We have just completed a Sitka Model in Phase 5 lot 14 blk 3.  This was a pre sold home, and the new homebuyer is moving in.  Take a look at the video tour walk through and tell us what you think.  The Sitka is an amazing home that is very unique, with a light infusing interior courtyard, amazing great room, and a beautiful kitchen with secret pantry area.  The Sitka home is a true work of art.  Tell us what you think.

Sitka Elevation Shots in Spurwing Greens 4-25-2012

Sitka Countdown

Yes, we have one week left until the parade is here.  The banquet is next thursday, and the awards will be given out.  Saturday the 5th will be the first day of the parade and we are excited to showcase our new plans.  Check out some of the new photos of the Sitka.

Sitka Construction Progress in Spurwing Greens Parade of Homes

The Sitka Syndrome

The Sitka is looking so good, it has put me into a trance.  I can’t stop visiting and hanging out.  Be careful when you look at the pictures it will try to lure you in and trap you.  The diagnosis from the doctors is the Sitka Syndrome.  The only cure is for someone to buy it.


Sitka, Near completion, amazing woodwork

Beams of Light

“You’re momma told me you better shop around”… for the Sitka.

I was amazed at the progress of the Sitka when I  previewed it today.  The stone is in, and the driveway is finished.  The interior is getting finished up, and you must see the beams they are amazing.  The house is so nice and bright from the amazing interior courtyard. Please call us for a special personal private tour.  Home will be locked until parade of homes starts May 5th 2012.  Call now (208) 955-7900.

Sitka Construction Progress in Spurwing Greens

Sitka Construction Update 3-27-2012

Checking out the Sitka today and it is looking awesome.  Stop by if your out this way and take a look, or call us for a VIP tour at (208) 955-7900 or give us an email at

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