Juneau on Sugar

The Juneau model that we built has been signed, sealed, and delivered.  The new homeowners are moving in.  No worries, I took some photos just before it closed, and am producing a video tour that will be available shortly.  Take a look at this Juneau, and compare it to our Parade model Juneau and tell us what you think.  Its a little different, but still the same great Juneau that thousands of you walked through during the parade.  Great news, we might have a lot available in Phase 4 so we can build another one.  But by the time most of you will get around to reading this, it might already be gone.  Please call if you are wanting to move into a Juneau, we might have a spot for you. (208) 955-7900

This Juneau is located on Sugar Tree Drive.



SWG 16-2 Sitka 2-10-2012 2

Trusses Are Set on the Sitka

Trusses are set on the Sitka.. try saying that fast three times!..  The Sitka Spring model is coming along very nice.  Walls in one day, and Trusses in a half day.  We are ready for the next level.  Come by this weekend and talk to our onsite Agents for more information.  Joe Grubiak and Karen Boos. Call (208) 955-7900 for a special VIP tour!


Sitka small 2012 Parade Home FE-1

Sitka Spring Model Floor Plan Walk Through

Hawthorn Model in Spurwing Greens Golf Community

Hawthorn Video Tour In Spurwing Greens

Toured through the Hawthorn today with my video camera.  Even though the commentary is sub par, the beautiful house makes up for it.  Please subscribe for future updates, and I urge you to leave comments.  We love your feedback!

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Would you like to have a VIP tour of this home? We would love to show it to you. We love our homes, and we know you will love them too. Please let us know what times work best for you. See you soon!
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Spurwing Greens Lighted Monument

Spurwing Greens Parade of Homes

Please come out and take a look at our new Hawthorn model that I previously posted in Spurwing Greens.  The floor plans is all new form the ground up and I think you will love it.  This weekend is the Fall Parade of Homes so don’t miss out, and remember that the Parade is free!  so come and and see us at Spurwing Greens and we will leave the lights on for you!
(well, not technically, but the sign light will come on automatically, but by the time the light comes on we will be gone. Disregard the “we will leave the light on for you” comment)




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