Rivers Bend Construction Update 4-20-2015

Hi guys, check out the progress taking place in Rivers Bend!  The new models are coming along nicely.  Take a look at this video showing an aerial perspective of the construction taking place.  Also, there is a bonus towards the end, we flew over the new pedestrian bridge construction site to show the progress there too.  Take a look and tell us what you think.

Hawthorn iPhone Video Tour on Sugar Tree Drive

I was excited about my next little iPhone project, Its fun for me to try to do a nice Real Estate video with a common everyday thing that most of us carry around in our pocket.  Yes, I do use my nice tripods, and microphones for support, but all the shots, and editing was done on my phone.  A lot of people don’t know they carry around such a useful marketing device in their pockets.  But after finishing the video, I looked over the finished product and noticed I built everything up till the end, creating a climax,  to show the master suite and bath.  When I show a property (physically/not video), I like to show the master bed and bath last especially if we have spent a lot of time and money making it look gorgeous.   So, I planned my video that way, but for some reason I left the last couple shots out of the video.  So, here is to a beautifully finished Hawthorn model, and to an unfinished iPhone video tour.  I guess this is what happens when I focus to much on how I’m making it instead of how It should look when finished.  Please enjoy, and call for a tour to see the Master bath and bedroom in person since I left them out of the video.  Call (208) 955-7900 for VIP Tour!

New Sitka Completed

We have just completed a Sitka Model in Phase 5 lot 14 blk 3.  This was a pre sold home, and the new homebuyer is moving in.  Take a look at the video tour walk through and tell us what you think.  The Sitka is an amazing home that is very unique, with a light infusing interior courtyard, amazing great room, and a beautiful kitchen with secret pantry area.  The Sitka home is a true work of art.  Tell us what you think.