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      When we purchase a new home everything is brand new clean, fresh and awesome!  But, unfortunately, things don't last forever.  So either Sell your home every couple years and have us build you a new one, so you always have the fresh home feeling, or you could start with some regular routine maintenance.  Some of us don't have the luxury, or do we want to move that often.  There are many things that need attention, and if you schedule it out, its not the bad. But if you procrastinate things, like my wife says I do sometimes, you will have a load of problems all at once.  So, please post your knowledge here, or ask a question.  This is a community forum designed to help each other in keeping up with our Interior maintenance thanks,
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    • 3 days, 16 hours ago

       Gilbert Callahan

    • Landscape Maintenance
      This forum is for posting landscape questions on your new home.  Please share your knowledge, or post a question if you are looking for an answer.
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